Creating immersive User Experiences for more sustainable forest management


We're always excited to explore how creativity and cutting-edge technology can enhance user experiences. Our recent project for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Journey to FSC interactive experience, exemplified this approach – and we're thrilled that it's earned recognition at the International Design Awards!

Challenge: Transforming Education into Engagement

Educating the public about the FSC's complex certification process can sometimes feel like a dry topic. Our challenge was to inject energy and interest into the learning experience, demonstrating the real-world impact of the FSC's work.

Solution: Game-Inspired Learning with a Technological Twist

  • Interactive Quiz:

    At the heart of the experience, we developed an interactive quiz. Questions about forest management and sustainability guide users through the educational content with a touch of fun.

  • Gamification:

    The experience incorporates subtle gamification elements, encouraging progress and rewarding users for exploring the information.

  • Immersive Storytelling:

    We integrated stunning 360-degree views of FSC-certified forests, creating a sense of virtual travel that complements the educational journey.

  • WebGL Power:

    The smooth, immersive experience is powered by browser-based 3D WebGL technology, adding visual depth and a modern, interactive feel.

The Power of Pushing the Envelope

The Journey to FSC project is a reminder that pushing for innovation can pay off, both in creating unique experiences and earning industry recognition. We're honored to have received this design award alongside the outstanding work of our partners at Future By Design.

Explore the Journey to FSC website and let us know what you think!